Upset Forging Machines

Hill Acme automatic or manual forging machines upset hot metal stock, forging parts for a wide range of applications from automotive, rail, farm machinery, aircraft, and hardware.

Depending on the complexity of the finished part, Hill Acme will provide either a single-blow or a multi-stage machine with manual or automatic feeding to reliably and quickly produce high volumes of forged parts.

Fully Automatic Upset Forging Machines:

Our high-speed, fully automatic forging machines can produce up to 250 forged pieces per minute. These machines can produce a variety of parts through the use of multi-stage tooling and transfer mechanisms, which allow for complex parts to be produced rapidly. Pieces longer than 36" are supported by a walking beam through subsequent passes. Hill Acme will provide systems for feeding from a heating unit, conveyor or straightening and drawing coiled stock.

The Hill Acme Upset Forging Machine has been developed with reliability and user-friendly operation in mind. Sturdy construction, the latest PLC-based controls and a modern touch-screen HMI provide a seamless experience for both the operator and management. 


  • Acceptance of bar or stock up to 5" in diameter
  • Solid fabricated or cast base construction
  • Rugged, single-piece slide maintains forging stability
  • Centralized automatic lubrication system
  • Easy to use HMI
  • PLC Control
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