Plate Grinding Machines

Hill Acme Reciprocating Table Type Grinding Machines are designed for producing high quality finishes of a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metallic sheets or plates. The reciprocating grinder is designed with either clamps or a vacuum system to hold media in place as it travels back and forth under the grinding head until the desired finish is achieved.

Heavy welded-steel construction and dynamically-balanced rotating parts assure vibration-free, precision finishes. The bed is sized to the maximum work length and each sheet will be processed one side at a time until complete.


  • Sturdy bed holds and supports the sheet during grinding or polishing
  • Heavy construction provides a flat uniform surface across wide sheets
  • Processing of large heavy plate to achieve desired correction or finish
  • Processing of thin sheet to a mirror polish
  • Heavy construction provides a flat uniform surface across wide plates
  • Fully Automated process employing PLC controls and easy to use HMI
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