Hill Acme Saws are available in a variety of tilting or sliding designs that are custom engineered to provide a complete integrated sawing solution. The robust powertrain design features high-horsepower AC motors mated with precision ground zero backlash helical gears mounted on anti-friction roller bearings. This allows for high cutting speeds without vibration or chatter, resulting in clean cuts with extended blade life. 

The automatic optimization of cutting speed employs sensors to identify blade wear and adjust feed rate. This system coupled with Rapid saw head return ensures fast cycle times and extended blade life.

Hill Acme saws feature a unique Anti-Pinch clamping system which spreads the slab or billet as the saw traverses the material. This avoids blade pinching, resulting in significantly reduced blade wear.  


  • Low investment and operating costs resulting in significant ROI
  • Anti-Pinch clamp system
  • 4-bolt flanged connections at stub-ups for simple installation of hydraulic systems
  • Pre-wired, pre-piped and pre-tested systems reduce installation, set-up and start-up costs
  • Modular design for lower installation time and expense
  • Advanced automation using menu-driven interface
  • Comprehensive alarm system with visual, audio and text annunciation
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