Hill Acme Coil Grinding and Polishing

Coil Grinding and Polishing

Hill Acme Coil Grinding and Polishing Systems are designed for semi-continuous production processing of all types of ferrous and non-ferrous materials in coil form. Applications range from finishing of decorative stainless steel to surface conditioning of titanium strip for industrial military use.

Processing lines can be supplied with an optional hairline machine that will give a characterized scratch pattern to the surface of the polished strip for architectural applications where a brushed appearance is desired.

Strip grinding and polishing machines for 'wet' operations are equipped with a coolant recycling system. Spent coolant “swarf” is recycled though the bottom of the grinding heads to a collection system that will filter out metal solids and return clean coolant to the system.

Heavy welded-steel construction and dynamically-balanced rotating parts assure vibration-free, precision finishes. Single or multiple heads can be employed for one or two-sided simultaneous processing.


  • One or two-sided simultaneous operation
  • Exclusive belt centering and tracking to maintain belt position during operation
  • Billy roll timer to avoid sheet-to-belt collisions and provide consistent surface finish
  • Automatic abrasive belt tensioning
  • Automatic belt over-travel and breakage sensors
  • Vertically adjustable guide rolls for improved grind control
  • PLC Control with easy to use HMI

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